Top 15 Most common French expressions

Top 15 Most common French expressions

Trying to flaunt a little French in front of your friends or colleagues? Here is the list of few most common french expressions that you can use in your daily life an look cool.

Here is the list of 15 most common french expressions:-

Top 15 Most common French expressions
Top 15 Most common French expressions

1. Bonjour ! – Hello !

(bon zhor)

It is the most casual word in French. It actually means Hello, Good day. Use
‘Bon soir!’ (bon swaa) for Good evening.
‘Bonne nuit!’ (bonn nuii) for Good night!

2. Merci ! – Thank you!

(mair see)

The most polite word that you can use whenever you want to express gratitude. Polity say, ‘Merci’

3. Salut ! – Hi!

(sa loo)

It is also the way of saying hi but in a form informal way than Bonjour.

4. Enchanté (e)! – Nice to meet you!

(on shon tey)

If you are meeting someone for the first time and you are feeling happy about it then you should use this word.

Enchanté meaning
Enchanté meaning

Remember, If you a Male, say Enchanté (on shon tey) and if you are a female use, Enchantée (on shon tee)

5. Ça va ? – How are you?

(saa vaa)

Say ‘Ça va’ when you want to ask how someone is. This can be used in both formal and informal conversation.

6. Oui – Yes.


Simple say oui for yes.

7. Non – No.


For negation, say non, or noh.

8. Bon voyage ! – Have a great trip!

(bon voyaaj)

When someone is leaving for a journey, wish him or her as ‘Bon voyage’.

Bon voyage meaning
Bon voyage meaning

9. Excusez-moi / pardon – Excuse me, sorry

(ex kyoo ze mwah/pah don)

This expression can have multiple meaning:-

  • to apologize for something,
  • when someone is trying to make a way to get past
  • or when you want someone to repeat something that he or she just said but you couldn’t listen.

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10. S’il vous plaît . – Please.

(sil voo play)

This word can seem a bit difficult but it is not hard to pronounce. Try murmuring it 10 times and you will easily get your tongue on it.

11. Beaucoup – very much


use this word to show a bigger amount of something. For example, you can say Merci beaucoup – (Thank you very much)

12. Quoi ? – What?


more of these are :-

  • Quand? (kon) – When?
  • Qui? (kee) – Who?
  • Comment? (kommo) – How?
  • Où? (oo) – Where?
  • Pourquoi? (por kwah) – Why?
  • Quel(le)? (kell) – Which?

13. Je suis *Your name* – I am *Your name*

(juh swee)

It is an Informal way of introducing yourself. For example, if your name is Brayn, you can say:- Je suis Brayn. (I am Brayn).

The Formal way is Je m’appelle Brayn (juh – m- pella) – My name’s Brayn. Same as the one Phoebe uses to teach Joey in Friends

phoebe teaching joey french

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14. Félicitations ! – Congratulations!


Use this phrase when you want to congratulate someone.

15. Au revoir ! – Goodbye!

Au revoir meaning
Au revoir meaning

(au roo vwaah)

When its time to say goodbye, Say Au revoir!

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