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The Internet is vast and almighty. But still, it is not able to answers lots of queries. That’s why BYI ( tries to provide the solutions that users really want but are difficult to get.

It is a Research and Development blog. Here we are learning how things on the web work. So please bear with us for errors and mistakes.

The CMS (Content Management System ) we are using is WordPress as we have heard that it is one the most convenient and easy. You can read about in here on Wikipedia

There are a lot of work and tweaks we are doing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

All the reports of users and analyses are being done by Google Analytics. Though some would say it is getting complicated day by day but it surely is one of the finest tools to know the in-depth reach of the website.

Other Technologies that juices up this website are:-

  • MailChimp
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  • PHP
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  • Apache

We hope that you will like the content that the team of Big yellow Info will create in the upcoming future.

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