Top 3 freelance jobs from home for 2020.

Top 3 freelance jobs from home for 2022

Freelance jobs from home include several works. For example Reviewing music, editing a website post, Making a YouTube channel, etc.

Therefore, If you have any kind of skill, you can make money off it. Big companies always look for people to do their small jobs from their homes. Without a doubt, In this way, they don’t have to hire and pay for a monthly salary.

Top 3 freelance jobs from home in detail
Top 3 freelance jobs from home in detail

Top 3 freelance jobs from home

Here is the list of 5 jobs that you can do

1. Transcription jobs

Job Details: In this job, you listen to an audio and then write it down. For example, a podcast is playing and you type down its conversation.

Transcription jobs details at
Transcription jobs details at

Job Categories:

  • Medical Transcription,
  • Podcast Transcription,
  • Academic Transcription,
  • Legal Transcription,
  • Focus Group Transcription etc.

There are 3 ways of doing transcription

  1. Verbatim (typing exactly as in the audio),
  2. Edited (Removing um, uh, etc and making it cleaner) and
  3. Intelligent (Smart transcription with the knowledge of the topic and grammar)

Minimum Earning: $200 to $250 per month depending upon the employer.

Transcription Websites for every country:

Note: Money is paid by PayPal. To clarify how to earn by PayPal, read here :
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2. Data Entry Jobs

Job Details: In this job, you type some text into a website or excel, or word document. As a result, This is the most easily available freelance job from home.

Data Entry Job details
Data Entry Job details

Job Categories:

  • Copy & Paste,
  • Captcha Entry Job,
  • Form Filling jobs,
  • Formatting document jobs,
  • Survey Forms,
  • Image to Text etc.

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2 factors of doing Copy Paste Jobs

  1. WPM (words per minute i.e. Your typing speed),
  2. Accuracy Percentage (How correct you type)

Minimum Earning: $150 per month depending on the job.

Transcription Websites for every country:

3. Blogging

Job Details: In this method, you create a blog of your own or write content for others’ blogs.

Unquestionably there are lots of websites that require fresh content daily. Thus, you can write content with them by choosing the one which interests you most. Or you can start your blog and earn from advertising.

Job Categories:

  1. Technical Writing, If you have the knowledge of working mechanics of some topics like “How airplane engines are made”, Then you can write on it.
  2. Technological Writing, In this type of writing you write blogs on Gaming technology, Computer technology, Camera working tips, etc. Don’t confuse Technical Writing with Technological Writing. One deals with a specific technique, other with technology.
  3. Brand journalism: In this category, you promote a brand by using their products
  4. Travel Writing: In travel writing, you share your experiences about your journey and it’s adventures.
  5. DIY blogging: You provide creative hacks and ideas about a particular topic or daily lifestyle Fashion Blogs
Earn money by Blogging
Earn money by Blogging

There are several other kinds of blogs whose meanings are self-explanatory.

Food Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Music and Entertainment Blogs, Financial Blogs, Automobile Blogs, Business Blogs, Fitness Blogs, Information and News Blogs, Sports Blogs, Political Blogs VideoGames Blogs.

2 factors of Blogging

  • Find your niche

Niche means a specific category you want to talk about in your blog. It needs to be fixed so that google can detect it and rank your website higher.

  • Consistency

You can’t earn your living through blogs overnight. Thus, Be patient and consistent. Continuous updates on your blog will give you more visitors.

Minimum Earning: depends upon the source, For example, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

There are lots of other Freelancing work available on the internet, but The above three are the easiest to understand and pursue. Try them out and in the meantime, we search more for the list.

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