How to earn money online by copy paste job in 2020

How to earn money online by copy paste job in 2020

There are lots of websites on the internet that tells you the ways to earn money online by copy paste job from home but stay alert from them. They can either redirect you to malicious websites or can promise you a lot of money by asking your credit card or debit card details.

Working from the comfort of home has always been fascinating among youngsters and there are a lot of jobs that you can do with your computer at home and earn some money. Earn money online by copy paste job is one of them.

It is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home but always remember, nothing good in life comes easily. So you need to do a little hard work in the starting. Let’s understand what the work really is.

How to earn money online by copy paste job in 2020
How to earn money online by copy paste job in 2020

What kind of job copy paste really is?

If you are searching over the internet for how to earn money online, then you must have heard of data entry jobs.

Copy-paste jobs are also a kind of data entry jobs. The difference between the process of earning money online by copy paste jobs and data entry jobs is that you don’t have to think or create any content.

Data will be provided to you. Your job is to take it from one place and put it to another. Sounds simple, right?

How does this job work?

The company you search for copy paste jobs will give you some text to slightly change something and pasting it to somewhere else. Now, this somewhere else can be either to a new MS Word document or Company’s given area on its website.

Sounds confusing? You’ll understand it a minute; Keep reading.

Let’s go this step by step

  1. After signing up on the websites, the registration process will take time between 1 to even 10 days for approval.
  2. After the approval, they will send you the text to copy from one place and paste it to another. All the instructions will be included.
  3. You can either copy this text, work offline, and send your completed job my email.
  4. Or the company can have the worker’s dashboard where you’ll do all your pasting

How much work do you get?

Primarily you will be provided with 10 to 50 lines for work but each website can have different targets. This target should get completed in a month or your account will get blocked and you will no longer be able to work anymore.

However, you can always create a new account by creating a new email id.

As you will keep working, your category will increase and so shall your target. Some websites offer 1000 to 1500 pages with few lines of text to finish in 30 days. But this is for new employees.

As your level increases, this limit increases too.

Pros and cons of Copy and Paste Jobs

Maybe some people might think it’s an easy job and some can also think that it sounds very risky or complicated. Therefore, here is the list of all the good things and the bad.

Read this wisely before making any decision.

Positive points

  1. The comfort of home and the fact that you don’t have to go outside.
  2. No need of technical knowledge.
  3. No extra requirement of any hardware or computer accessory like a webcam or printer.
  4. Little or sometimes no investment needed.
  5. It is a very simple job and therefore anyone can start doing it.

Negative points

  1. Lots of scamming sites are just waiting for people like you to desperately join them so that they can ask for membership fees which they’ll tell you that you’ll soon get back.
  2. It is very hard to find a legit website that can provide you with some real work and money.
  3. Some websites shut down their worker’s accounts without prior notice and without explaining the reason. You will get only one email that your account has been closed and there will be no reply even if you mail them to tell the reason.

How to find a trustworthy website to earn money online by copy paste job

Yes, it is true that there are several websites out there that promise you that you can earn money by copy-paste job in no time, but the fact that it is very hard to find is also true.

This is one of the few websites that we find interesting but be alert before proceeding further and read everything very carefully.

Apart from this, you can also search the internet and work advertisements on websites like Craiglist.

PayPal is a trustworthy website created by Elon Musk and you can earn your free PayPal money by these 9 websites.

Free PayPal money earning 9 Best ways in 2020

Whatever you do, just think that there are a lot of websites on the internet waiting to scam you.
Even there are a few companies that have offices and offer you work from home for a copy paste job after joining them.

But first, they call you for the interview. These companies never explain many details about them on call. When you go there, they ask a few basic questions. Then will hire you if you answer them.

After that, they will create a fake Gmail account for you right there and then will ask for one time fees which they’ll say that you will earn by this job in no time.

Beware of these kinds of scams and search everything very carefully before giving any money to any websites.

We Hope it was a good read!

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