Is Cashify Safe?

Is Cashify safe? Explanation of selling phones on Cashify.

So you are planning to sell your old phone on Cashify to buy a new phone (or something else from cashback) but you are worried that you have your personal data on your mobile. Is Cashify safe? let’s answer that.

Is Cashify Safe?
Is Cashify safe? Read the article at

As you know the best and well-known way of emptying your mobile is a factory reset which will erase all the data from your phone.

But the question is does it really deletes the data forever? is your data really gone?

If you are from the technical background then you must be knowing that every photo, video, text, audio, etc… are made up of something called binary values. That is 1 or 0 in computer programing representation which is actually the electrical voltage.

But we don’t have to go that deep understand this topic. However, To know more about how your photos and videos are stored on your phone, you should read this article (Link coming soon).

Mainly, the key thing to understand is that after deleting the data or even after doing a factory reset the phone, the data never properly goes away.

And if someone wants to get your data back, they can do it with the help of a few computer software.

Now the question arises about Cashify is that is it trustworthy enough to give your phone which you may or may not have completely erased.

We had this doubt in mind for a long time, therefore we researched on the internet for the review of any user in regarding the question Is Cashify safe or not.

And here is what we concluded

  1. Firstly, Cashify not only takes old used phones but also repairs broken or faulty mobile screens. And with the reviews from India’s one of the current top reviewing website, we saw lots of negative reviews of their work.
  2. Apart from screen repairing, and old phone buying services, they also have accessories buying section. There they sell smartphone covers, tempered glasses, chargers, cables, earphones extra
  3. Finally, even with all the negative reviews of screen repairing on many websites over the internet, we were unable to find any complaints or any kind of issues raised by users of their data leaking after selling the phones to them. Or any kind of doubt users is having about Cashify in the matter of privacy.

After digging a lot deep into their website, we found an article where Cashify clearly talks about it.

They boldly commit that the privacy of their user’s data in their phones is their top priority.

They assure that not only they never break their customer’s trust by trying to retrieve their data but also they wipe out the phone so thoroughly that even the person they sell your old to, can be ever able to do so.

There is even a hashtag for their trustworthy commitment to privacy #ItsSafeToCashify

So, is it safe to Cashify?

Thus, we conclude that it is after all safe to sell your old phones to Cashify. But to be on the safe side, we’ll always say its better safe than sorry.

So you should make your data completely unrecoverable first and then sell your phone to anyone. After all, you are solely responsible for your privacy.

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